Ivan Rukavina

Chief Karting officer

Ivan Rukavina is an experienced karting enthusiast and team coach, active since 1986. His expertise spans both the driving and mechanical aspects of karting. Ivan achieved notable success in the N1 and N2 classes during a former state’s era, showcasing his skill on the tracks.

As a team coach, Ivan imparts his extensive knowledge to aspiring racers, blending technical acumen with practical experience. He’s known for his willingness to share insights and tactics, making him a valued mentor.

Currently, Ivan dedicates a significant portion of his time to coaching, demonstrating his deep commitment to nurturing new talent in the sport. His passion for karting, particularly for 2-stroke engines and the scent of burnt oil, is evident in his coaching style. With a reputation for speed and a robust build, Ivan’s dedication as a coach has cemented his status as a significant figure in the karting community.

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Team principes

Commitment to Mastery

This pillar combines the drive for continuous learning, dedication to practice, and a relentless commitment to perfecting one's craft. It embodies the 'mamba mentality' – a relentless pursuit of excellence. Under this pillar, team members are encouraged to constantly seek improvement, refine their skills, and stay abreast of the latest techniques and strategies in karting. It's about pushing limits, striving for perfection, and embracing the journey of becoming masters of their craft.

Team Unity and Respect

his pillar emphasizes the importance of respect for team members and the sport itself. It acknowledges that success in karting is not just about individual talent, but also about how well team members work together, support each other, and respect one another's roles and contributions. Respect for the sport includes understanding its history, adhering to its rules and standards, and honoring the spirit of competition. This pillar fosters a positive team culture where each member feels valued and motivated to contribute to the team's collective success.

Discipline and Dedication

This pillar focuses on the unwavering dedication to the sport and the discipline required to excel in it. It involves rigorous training regimes, consistent practice schedules, and a structured approach to preparation for races. Discipline in this context extends beyond the track; it includes maintaining physical fitness, mental toughness, and a healthy lifestyle that supports peak performance. Dedication here means being fully invested in the sport, showing up every day ready to give one's best, and staying committed to the team's goals and vision.